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This exposition consists of photos from the Museum archive and it is a mirror of the metamorphoses of our town from the end of 19th century. The contemporary photos and postcards reveal picturesque corners, which have been changed partially or totally due to subsequent gradual architectonic changes. They are arranged approximately in chronological order and most of the photographers are unknown. The central square underwent the most remarkable changes since it has been rebuilt in several phases: during the so-called Slovak State in World War II; in 1950s and in the late 1980s. Unique file of photos shows the demolition of the old baroque-style extension of the TownHall and the building of new Town House between 1939 and 1942. The author of these photos is the thence Town Council member, Mr. Aurel Cibulka.


Novobanské reflexie    Novobanské reflexie    Novobanské reflexie    Novobanské reflexie