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Insitná drevorezba Štefana TrnkuŠtefan Trnka (1905-1981)

Insitná drevorezba Štefana TrnkuHe was a folk artist and carver. For his work, the plastic convex carving, figures and polychrome are the typical features. His father made him fallen in love with the wood since his childhood. He used pocket knife to carve angels, wooden chains and mirror frames. He spent one year as an apprentice with a carver in Brno. He made reliefs, small statues, plates under the antlers and Christmas cribs for wide range of customers. He tried to give some life to his figures. His son helped him to build up the mobile mechanism. So he made dance the girl and boy in folk clothing, move the gossiping old women and the group of Jánošík. Normal life in the field, sheep farm and Nová Baňa's annual fair inspired him, but he liked also the biblical and religious themes, such as the crosses, liturgical tables, altars and ambos. His work reflects his deep faith and feelingful artistic expression.


Štefan Trnka made a beautiful altar with scenes from Christ's life and His Way of the Cross,
completed with chains carved from one single piece of wood, for Nová Baňa's Roman Catholic Parish church.

Insitná drevorezba Štefana Trnku              Insitná drevorezba Štefana Trnku              Insitná drevorezba Štefana Trnku